Dear OA Region 3 Convention and Assembly (C&A) registrants and guests,

With reports about the spread of the coronavirus (or COVID-19) in our country and communities, we want you to know that the health of our OA community is of utmost concern, so we must officially cancel the 2020 VISION – FOCUS ON RECOVERY March 27-29 at the Tulsa Embassy Suites. 

We are contacting all convention registrants by this email and by letter to those who mailed in their registrations and ADVISING anyone who has a hotel registration to cancel at least 48 hours in advance if they do not plan to use their room.  Please know that refunds for the majority of the pre-paid fees toward the registration will be forthcoming after we figure out our expenses.  

If you would like to make a donation toward Region 3 and the two Intergroups’ who have worked on the convention, the Oklahoma City IG and Tulsa Green Country IG combined, as we have had expenses leading up to the convention, please let us know in a reply email.  There was a deposit of $4000 to the Embassy Suites that may not be recoverable due to contractual obligations, plus fixed fees in order to have an online presence and registration. The debt is the entire region’s loss.  We are all a part of Region 3 and this is all of the intergroups’ responsibilities to participate in refunding our Region’s coffers. It’s the 7 state region’s loss and predicament.

Kathy M. the RIII Vice chair has been with us from the very beginning of planning the Conference and Assembly, and we want to thank her for her experience, expertise and continued good faith in our efforts during the year and a half of planning this event.

Kathy communicated that either Brenda Q, the Region Chair, or Vonnie, the Region Recording Secretary, on Brenda’s behalf will be communicating soon with Region Reps to let them know if we will be holding the assembly via remote teleconference.  That remains to be seen. 

We thank each and every one of you for making plans these last few months to attend the 2020 VISION – FOCUS ON RECOVERY C&A. We appreciate your support and share your commitment to carry the healing message of recovery through the OA 12 Steps and 12 Traditions. To the Assembly participants thank you for your willingness and fortitude to see OA business continue. 

Despite this disappointing conclusion, working on the convention has been a good experience in fellowship and recovery for the planning committee.  On a side note, there could be a possibility that the planned speakers could use The OA Virtual Region technology to present their workshop and or special focus session. If you were going to be a speaker please reply back with your thoughts on this matter, and we can pursue this idea with the OA Virtual Region.

Wishing all of you continued good health, abstinence and recovery.  The OA Region 3 (C&A) 2020 VISION – FOCUS ON RECOVERY planning committee hopes to meet all of you sometime in the future. 

Best Regards, The OA Region 3 (C&A) 2020 VISION – FOCUS ON RECOVERY planning comm

OA REGION 3 CONVENTION 2020 Vision – Focus on Recovery Online Registraton